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It's safe to say that Sweden is rich of cultural tradition. The 25 provinces of Sweden each have their own culture. For an instance, there are five different indigenous dialects in Sweden. Swedish food has for ceturies been practical and sustaining, as fish is historically important. But the Swedes also are heavy coffee-drinkers and brewed coffee is an important aspect of their culture. But the Swedes are also scandinavia's no.1 in film making and music, as one of the most treasured artists are Ingmar Bergman and the music group ABBA. Swedish literature is important and active and from there, some of the worlds most famous writers have come, such as Astrid Lindgren. And of course there are museums all over the country. Perhaps the most famous one the Vaasa museum in Stockholm. Make no mistake, Sweden has it all.

The main objective for The Swedish Museum of Architecture is to illustrate and offer an active platform for architecture, design and sustainable urb... more
This will give you a foretaste of how it feels to enter this legendary home and savour the wonderful atmosphere at Lilla Hyttnäs from close quarters. ... more
Dalarna Museum is the Country Museum of Dalarna - open to the world. It reflects the region's collective cultural heritage with it's distinctive histo... more
Göteborgs Konsthall is a centre for contemporary art in Göteborg, Sweden. We explore the different aspects of visual culture and try to reach a divers... more
 The museum displays thousands of
  toys from over a century: dolls, doll´s houses, trains, cars,  aeroplanes, etc. The Mic... more
The Zorn Museum in Mora is one of Sweden's most established and well-known art museums. It exhibits works by the famous artist Anders Zorn and is open... more
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